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Stripped & Covered: CD - 2017
  • Stripped & Covered: CD - 2017

Stripped & Covered: CD - 2017

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The new album, "Stripped & Covered," features raw, acoustic renditions of Roxie's favorite cover songs, with a few originals tossed in. Special guest appearances by Morgan Bracy, Kimber Cleveland, Jenn Franklin and Sheldon Lee Sweeney.

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BGVs for Grammy-winner Greg Lawson & Friends

I had the honor of singing background vocals for an amazing show at 12th & Porter tonight.  This was such a unique idea for a show... several artist/writers with a common co-writer having the opportunity to share the spotlight and their songs with a full band at a kick-butt venue!  It's not very often I get to be JUST the backup singer... it was a blast harmonizing with my gal pal, Morgan Bracy, on some original music by Grammy-winning, multi-Platinum-earning songwriter, Greg Lawson (the Ring Leader) and…

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One more christmas poster 5x7

Film Scoring... and a little acting

The short film, "One More Christmas" debuted in Nashville today!  Writer/director Steve Newman and I met at the open call auditions.  That's right... I was auditioning... to act.  What.  ;)  Steve and I hit it off and talked extensively about family, Christmas, and music.  He cast me in a small role and I got to play the angry girl, which was really fun!  LOL!  Steve also asked if I would write some music for his film, and I jumped at the chance.  In addition to the score, I composed an original song for…

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Stripped & Covered CD Release

SO. MUCH. 😱. 
I am so insanely thankful to all of my friends who came out to the CD release show last night! You really blessed me! New friends, old friends (not talking about your age, you know what I mean!), long lost friends, surprise friends... I mean it... I was truly blessed by your presence and overwhelmed by your support! THANK YOU!!!! I was proud to share the stage with Sheldon Lee Sweeney, Morgan Bracy, Kimber Cleveland and Jenn Franklin. Thank you to Paul Dodds on sound, Paul Breeding on…

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"Bricks" Lyric Video

Just posted a new video on my YouTube channel...  My first official lyric video!  "Bricks" is from the new album, Stripped & Covered, recorded totally live as one take in the studio.  I did this video myself and had absolutely NO IDEA that lyric videos were this time-consuming!  Kudos to all you video editors out there... I have a new-found respect. 🙌   Click the image below to watch:


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